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- Oh my God! If I'm so impressed, it is only because you never did not show their love. Sometimes the impression that you are for him absolutely cold. - It was supposed to be - barely said Zou. - Tony now on you will not be able to get married, you are, of course, you know. It is necessary that everything was fair. Yes, it goes fairly. She can not marry Tony because she loves another. - Of course, from our engagement, I will release him. - The wedding will have to celebrate quickly and without fanfare, but not too quiet, because otherwise will spread rumors. Camille no sisters, no one to represent her. I do not know how to treat this you, but Andre when I called softly hinted that on your part would be a great kindness to act as bridesmaids. Then there is no reason to backbiting. - No, Hendzl! I can not! You're asking me is impossible! - Think again, Zu ... - begged the woman. - No! news 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Bitter Tears burned the girl's face. - Why is it I have to do? I can not forgive what to do with me, Tony and Matt. They almost got me killed. Neither one nor the other I really did not like. Simple to use for their own purposes, wishing to settle personal scores. - You have disappointed me deeply, Zu - Hendzl said icily. - I never thought that I tell you these words. Your remark is unworthy of your upbringing. It is an insult to my son! To say this probably would be about Tony, but not Mete. Matt had no use for their own purposes. - You're right, Hendzl forgive. I take that back. Matt anyone in their view does not use. - I felt that between the three of you there are any dramatic events, but really could not understand anything. And now I can not be honest. You and Matt, it seemed to me too well aware of each other, especially when you consider that you like, thanks to Tony and met recently. But I found more and more evidence that you knew with Matt each other much earlier. You probably is the very girl he lost five years ago? This is so, Zu? - Yes it is. I would not have thrown it, even if he had not managed to create my heavenly life. And I would always be with him, no matter what happens. I think he just left me. I did not know that he had an accident while you did not tell me about it. You must believe me! - I believe you. Hendzl sighed softly. - All this you would have to tell me not to, and Matt. Although, if you've told the truth - and I, no matter how I tried to question your sincerity, do not believe you can not - then, in good conscience say such recognition could hardly be meaningful. I am afraid I lose all ability to grasp, because it could have sworn that you and ... No, that's not important. What happens to Hendzl? Not whether it is out of tune? Of course, now to change anything is no longer possible! But another observation Hendzl absolutely true - Matt never uses people for his own purposes. When he hugged Zu, he did it with all his heart, not because he wanted to settle scores with Tony. But he courted and Camilla, and now she was carrying his child, and he is obliged to marry her. Zou could not understand any man who believes that Camilla is compelling; it really is very attractive, charming. But why does not stand against it, Matt ?! Без порно и секс содержания, Не порнуха и не порево, проститутки запрещены. Hot sexy stories.


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